Friday, October 15, 2010

Spooky and Lymphoma

Spooky is my cat, he is 12 years old and had been diagnosed with Lymphoma.
I got him 12 years ago [going on 13], a week after my birthday and I think it was the best gift I have ever gotten.
He grew from a little ball of black fur into a hefty 20 pounder.
He is highly intelligent he is sweet and has never had a mean streak ever.

Now my Spooky needs me to really help him get cured of this Lymphoma.

While undergoing a colonoscopy, his colon preforated, he was rushed into surgery, and this miracle worker Doctor, had done a terrific job of removing the mass, the surrounding tissues [as they call it] and reattached his colon.
The results of the biopsy may have been devastating news in itself, but the results were another miracle, the Doctor had gotten the entire mass, and the surrounding tissue, leaving the repaired tissue/colon cancer-free.

He started chemotherapy treatments in July 2010, he is in his 4th month of treatments.

Now, I must ask for financial help in keeping his chemotherapy going. The Oncologist has recommended 1 full year of treatments.
I am asking that people donate as much as they can so he may continue treatments.
Spooky is looking amazing he is 20 pounds [or more] of love. The Doctors want him on a diet but he just loves his food so much.
I will post photos of him.
It is unbelievable with all he went through in May and all he goes through when he has his chemotherapy, that when he comes home he tells me all about it [meows and purrs and alot of kisses].

I want to be able to give Spooky his life back after chemotherapy is done. I believe he will finish his chemotherapy treatments and live for a long time. With your help of whatever you can give.

I will donate any unused monies donated to another person who cannot afford to give their pet the chance my Spooky is getting.

My goal is to get together from now until July 2011 $10,150.00
His treatments costs an estimated $450.00 per treatment. He currently has chemo every 10-14 days. Two (2) times a month.
Plus he gets medication and other tests along with the chemotherapy. Like blood tests etc.

I have a paypal account it is or you can make payments to NYS Veterinary Specialists 410 West 55 Street NY NY 10019 note on checks or money orders it is towards Spookys S. Chemo treatments.

Thank you to all who read this. I will give you updates.